Please Select Vaccancy To Apply Online



Procedure to Apply:

  • 1- All applications must be submitted On-Line through I.T.Sā€™s website
  • 2- Aspirants could not edit their On-Line application form, once computerized challan has generated.
  • 3- Information claimed in On-Line application form will be treated as final.
  • 4- Subsequent claims of experience, earlier not given in On-Line application form, are considered afterthought and an attempt to become eligible. Such subsequent claims shall not be accepted.
  • 5- Detailed General Instructions & Guidelines to apply On-Line are available on the website.
  • 6- No hardcopy of (On-Line application form and Academic Qualification Certificates) is required from the candidates.
  • 7- By hand or By Post (Registry) will not accept.

  • Application Fee:
  • 1- It is mandatory for applicants to deposit Rs. 450/- (Non-Refundable) in any HBL branch before the closing date of submission of application.
  • 2- Original deposit slip may be preserved and provided to the supervisory staff at the time of test/examination Center given in Admission Certificates.
  • 3- Photocopy or Bank Scroll is not acceptable.
  • 4- Deposit slip may not be sent to I.T.S in advance but provided at the time of test/examination or when asked for.

  • Closing Date:
  • 1- for submission of Applications is ā€œā€